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Nana Aframea Preparatory School (NAPSCO) - German primary school 'GGS Kapellen-Hemmerden' parthership

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Non-Governmental Organization

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The water was analyzed by a laboratory in Accra

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Updating: Akwatiakwaso village situation, some data from the basic-census 2015

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June 14th, 2015: Akwatiakwaso basic-census has been completed

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Akwatiakwaso basic-census form
Akwatiakwaso Census Data

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Light Up Africa (NGO)
Light Up Africa, healthcare focused ghanaian NGO.

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Akwatiakwaso News
Akwatiakwaso village council officially ratifies the shared plan

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Akwatiakwaso shared plan
"A shared plan developed in consultation with Akwatiakwaso residents"

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Supporting Nana Aframea Preparatory School (Abiriw-Akuapem)
Supporting Nana Aframea Preparatory School (Abiriw-Akuapem)

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