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Supporting Nana Aframea Preparatory School (Abiriw-Akuapem)
Supporting Nana Aframea Preparatory School (Abiriw-Akuapem)

Ransford, Managing Director at Ofie Support Unit, is volunteering as English and mathematics teacher at Nana Aframea Preparatory School, in Abiriw-Akuapem.

The school was founded on 3 September 2003 at the autonomous initiative of some citizens. Educational activities have started to take place with twenty students from Abiriw and Duwu communities.

Since then the school has grown, and it has acquired the status of Junior High School (J.H.S. level). A first group of students, enrolled in the B.E.C.E. (Basic Education Certificate Exams), has achieved the best school results in the Akuapem North District in 2011. Since that year, the school promotes school activities and sports.
Ofie Support Unit team

Nana Aframea Preparatory School (Abiriw-Akuapem)