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Light Up Africa, healthcare focused ghanaian NGO.

"Networking" means connecting the dots on a map, the minds into a project, the projects into a sequence of shared activities pursuing common goals.
Of course you already know about ongoing collaborative working with "Maame Mary's Foundation".

Let us introduce our new friends: Light Up Africa, healthcare focused ghanaian NGO .

Their responsibilities and commitments take many forms:

Domiciliary care: for the aged, for children with special needs, for people with physical disabilities, supporting palliative care.

Family caregiver support, telephone reassurance, protective care.

Partnering with neighboring organizations to increase Health Education.

Working to conducting free blood pressure and malaria tests;
Working to reduce the cost of blood sugar and cholesterol checks;
Working to eradicate abuses in the communities.

Supporting rural communities.

Check their website and facebook page for more details:

Light Up Africa (NGO) - website

Facebook page - Light Up Africa (NGO)