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June 14th, 2015: Akwatiakwaso basic-census has been completed

Between May 24th and June 14th, 2015 the basic-census of the Akwatiakwaso village population has been completed.

The work on the ground was operated by the Ofie Support Unit and Maame Mary's Foundation teams.

Since there is no electricity in the village, the survey was done in the old way: with pen and paper.

Now we we have to digitally store data.

Akwatiakwaso basic-census 1

Recalling the preliminary statement about our intervention:

Participation in the census is voluntary.

The villagers are free to answer all or just some of the questions.

Ofie Support Unit (NGO) and "Maame Mary's Foundation" commit themselves not to transfer collected data to third parties, neither temporarily nor permanently.

Ofie Support Unit (NGO) and "Maame Mary's Foundation" commit themselves to assign the data storage and management to Akwatiakwaso community, through the modalities that the Village Council will deem appropriate.

Collected data will be used to plan actions in support of the village, and in the case of medical emergencies.

The consultation of collected data will always be done with the permission of those involved.

Akwatiakwaso basic-census 2