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The water was analyzed by a laboratory in Accra

The 'Maame Mary's Foundation' has managed and completed the step of the Akwatiakwaso project on the provision of drinking water.

At the moment two hand-powered pumps are operating. The amount of available water seems to be sufficient to cover the needs of the village.

The water was analyzed by a laboratory in Accra ( Ghana Water Company Limited ): both the physico-chemical and the bacteriological analyzes have confirmed that is drinkable.

Here the images of the two reports:

Water Analysis - Akwatiakwaso -bacteriological

Water Analysis - Akwatiakwaso -physico-chemical report

It is possible, as complained by many residents, that during the so-called dry season there is less water in the pumps because of the shallow wells. But during repeated inspections the pumps were working.
We will observe further developments.

Currently the second phase of the Akwatiakwaso shared plan is completed.