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Akwatiakwaso shared plan
"A shared plan developed in consultation with Akwatiakwaso residents"

We have discussed, agreed and endorsed a plan, developed in consultation with Akwatiakwaso residents.

The original plan-proposal is from our "Maame Mari's Foundation" friends (both the Ducth and the Ghanaian foundations).

Along with them we are going to manage two pivotal-steps

  • Mid-term targets:

a) A basic census and a digital database of whole Akwatiakwaso population.
This necessary action will reveal us more detailed demographic and health informations: a prerequisite for any kind of intervention.

b) A pump filter device for water depuration.

  • Long-term and main target:

The construction of a small Community Center in the village. It's the best way to create a long lasting form of support, which can be actively participated by the locals.
This space could host different types of intervention, like:

- Basic health-care;
- Education for toddlers;
- Training for self-supporting activities (i.e. small working activities, consistent with the context).

A shared space, built and kept alive through the participation of residents. It's a project based on residents' involvement, at any level. But open to volunteers participation and commitment.

As Ofie Support Unit we are going to define the best way to open this project to volunteering.

It will be also a clear way to (self)support our little NGO and the Akwatiakwaso plan.

The work never stops. Soon we will complete our start-up process, and begin (along with our friends) village residents census.

Be patient. Be curious. Be human.

Ofie Support Unit team, March 2015

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