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How to write the letter asking to volunteer with us

Write an e-mail containing the data here required, in the same order, to

1) email object: volunteering

2) Your details:

(Second name:)
Birth place:
Date of birth: 00/00/0000
Residence (City):
Address street / number:
Postal code:
Educational level / professional specialization:
Spoken languages:
Passport number:
Passport Expiry Date:
Phone number:

3) The project:

- Volunteering in a Ofie Support Unit (NGO) project: specify which project;

- Or volunteering with partner organisations: specify which organisation and project.

4) Length of stay:

Intended date of arrival at the Accra International Airport:
Intended date of departure from the Accra International Airport:

5) Motivations:

For the application as a volunteer with Ofie Support Unit (NGO), please briefly describe why you have chosen to engage yourself in this project.
You can write to us if you have pertinent experiences or special skills.

6) Hospitality services:

Do you want to take advantage of our hostel (guest house) and hospitality services?

7) Special needs:

Do you have any health problem, or special needs of which we should be aware?

! Remember: ask qualified medical personnel of the specialized "travel medicine" centers, or competent medical centers, for advice, instructions, necessary steps, and informations: you have to discuss the terms of your stay and the appropriate antimalarial prophylaxis with specialized medical personnel).

8) Ghanaian experience:

Ghanaian experience included in our service (at least one, if you are interested):
Accra Museum and market tour / african art experience / train with the football team of the Akwatiakwaso village / traditional festivals
(included in our services, just cheap costs for using local transport).

9) Optional:

Are you interested in an additional tour, to be decided and managed directly on location?
(Yes / No/ I will ask information and decide at the time)

10) Name - Surname 

11) Attachments:

  • Digital copy of an identity document or Passport
  • A "resume" (short and pertinent CV);
  • At least one verifiable reference (by a workplace, school or university attended or where you are studying - phone number and email).
  • A copy of the Police Clearance Certificate
  • (Educational qualifications /demonstrable skills - teaching / caring as volunteer at the Nana Aframea Preparatory School)