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Certificati & statuto (in lingua inglese)

Ethical NGO:

Ofie Support Unit (NGO) opera nel pieno rispetto delle leggi della Repubblica del Ghana, ne rispetta le istituzioni sovrane e le autorità democratiche, pertanto non persegue finalità di carattere politico, né mai potrà accettare la collaborazione con entità straniere politicamente attive (in maniera palese o occulta).
Ofie Support Unit (NGO) è una organizzazione ghanese e africana, nella forma e nello spirito, che concorre nel suo piccolo allo sviluppo autocentrato, autodeterminato e cooperativo del Ghana.

Documentazione (certificati)


incorporation certificate

certificate to commence business

*(1) Some attributes might be just hidden because of the security reason (protect registration codes)

STATUTO DI OFIE SUPPORT UNIT (O.S.U) NGO ( scritto da Ransford Ofusu Okai - 2014  )


Article 1 Preamble

Ofie Support Unit is a Non-Governmental Organization formed in August 2013 with its core purpose is to alleviate the level of poverty in the society. The organization also seeks to assist in the development of infrastructure which directly benefit the less privilege and injustice especially in the field of water and business. And also addressing and improving the living standard of the underprivileged in Akuapem North and its environs via:
1. Helping them establish their own businesses.
2. Providing them with financial support to help improve their businesses.

Article 2

All members of Ofie Support Unit agree to adopt, enact and give ourselves this constitution which guides us to achieve our vision, mission and objectives in the near future for our locality and the nation as a whole.

1. Adoption of the constitution
The organization and its property will be administered and managed in accordance with the provisions in this constitution.
Adopted on the 5th April 2014

Article 3

2. Name of the organization
The name of the organization is OFIE SUPPORT UNIT (O.S.U) - NGO

Article 4

Our mission is to reduce poverty tremendously in Akuapem North Municipality with special focus on the rural and deprived areas by the year 2030.

Our vision is to help the people in Akuapem North and its environs through
1. Assisting them to establish their own businesses
2. Providing them with financial support to help improve their businesses.

Ofie Support Unit seeks to empower the people in Akuapem North municipality financially and economically with education as its supplementary goal.

FINANCIAL – To provide training in business finance and giving them soft loan to help them establish and manage their business and also sustaining their businesses.

ECONOMIC – To provide young men and women with technical and vocational skill in order to make them employable or to be self-employed. The organization will also provide training in best farming practices and support them with the needed farming implements to help boost production.

EDUCATION – In the field of education we seek to provide schools in the various communities with books and teaching and learning materials to improve their education.
We also hope to provide training for teachers on best and innovative teaching methods to improve their teaching skills.


The organization shall focus on giving capital in a form of soft loan to underprivileged in the various communities to establish their own business. Organizing programs to educate children, youth, women and the general public on good hygiene and water sanitation.
To pursue activities to relieve suffering, and address the interest of the poor in order for them to live comfortable lives in the Akuapem North Municipality.
Provide portable water in the various communities
Help to improve the standard of health in the communities
Help promote education in communities


The following are activities to be carried out by OFIE SUPPORT UNIT (O.S.U) to achieve its aims and objectives.
Mobilization of the youth and women in various communities and organize informal education for them on how to establish their own business by using their own resources together with the capital that will be given to them.
The organization shall provide the platform for the discussion of current issues and views affecting the youth, women and the vulnerable.
The organization shall educate the community members on the importance of education.
Provide health facilities when necessary in collaboration with Ghana health service.
The organization shall run training programmes for the community members on sustaining their businesses and person hygiene.
The promotion of gender issues and empowering women in all spheres of development.
The organization shall provide consultancy services in all aspects of human development.
To link with other organizations, national and international, for exchange of information.
The organization shall develop materials on types of local business, using portable water and development.
The organization shall lobby for funds from other organizations and philanthropies to execute its projects for communities.


The funds of the organization shall consist of:
Membership dues.
Endowments from any source.
Donations and gifts.
Proceeds from fund raising activities.
Subventions and other grants-in-aid from any source.


The registered office of the organization shall be headquartered at Adawso-Akuapem in the Eastern Region. The office is located at Adawso opposite the town packs with the House Number S.48
The organization may open local field offices at any other location in Ghana or any other country as and when it becomes necessary.


The organization will affiliate with any other local or foreign related Non- governmental organizations working in the field of business, water aid, health and education in our society.
The organization shall be headed by an Executive Director who shall preside over all meetings and play a key role in formulating policies for the organization.
There shall be one (1) Co-ordinator of programmes who shall work very closely with the Executive Director to ensure that the organization’s programmes are successfully carried out.
The organization shall also employ one (1) Executive secretary whose duties shall include;
(i) The day to day running of the organization’s office.
(ii) Carry out the resolutions of Board of Directors (BOD)
(iii) Keep books of accounts and prepare records for the study of the Board of Directors.


Elections for positions on the executive council shall be held every two (2) years.
Any office holder may be removed from office by two-thirds majority vote of members of the executive council on proof of incompetence or misdemeanor.


Membership shall be by subscription.
1. Membership is open to individuals over eighteen years or organizations who are interested in helping Ofie Support Unit to achieve its aim and are approved by board of directors.
2. The board of directors may only refuse an application for membership if, acting reasonably and properly, they consider it to be in the best interest of Ofie Support Unit to refuse the application.
3. Membership is not transferable to anyone else.
4. The board of directors must keep a register of names and addresses of members which must be made available to any member upon request.
5. The Board of Directors (BOD) can accept or co-opt other members who can be associate members or experts for projects when necessary.


1. Members have the right to resign.
2. Notification of resignation shall be sent to the Administrative Secretary for forwarding to Board of Directors (BOD) within one month.
3. Members are liable to dismissal or suspension if they do not conform to the objectives of the organization.
4. Members shall be dismissed by a resolution of the board of directors in the best interest of the organization. A member shall be dismissed
(a) A member shall be given at least twenty one days’ notice in writing stating the reasons why a member is being dismissed.


General Assembly
The Board of Directors (BOD)
The Board of Directors shall be the governing body of the organization. It shall comprise not more than five (5) and not less than three (3) persons.

Article 14: MEETINGS

There will be a general meeting every last Saturday of each month,
The board of directors has to meet a day before the general meeting.
The secretary must present minutes of the previous meeting before the commencement of every gathering of the organization.
The secretary shall present a statement of account including expenditure of the organization at any executive meetings.
Agenda of the next meeting shall be prepared by the executive committee and hand it over to the executive director for announcement.
Emergency: To be determined by the Executive Director of Executive Council.
The organization may co-opt anybody with the requisite knowledge and skills on any burning issues to assist it in deliberation at any particular meeting and such persons shall have no voting right.
The quorum for any meeting of the organization shall be two-thirds (2/3) expected members for the meeting.


The organization shall appoint at each annual meeting an Auditor to whom all books, records, accounts and reports of the organization shall be submitted at each such time as may be required.
The reports of the Auditor shall be presented at the next meeting of the organization.
The financial year of the organization shall be from 1st day of the year to the 31st day of the same year.


The constitution shall be amended or altered by votes of not less than 2/3rds of all members of the executives council at a meeting convened for that matter. A copy of any resolution amending this constitution shall be sent to the commission within twenty one days of it being passed.


This organization shall be registered at the Registrar General's Department as an organization limited by Guarantee and at the Department of Social Welfare as Charity Voluntary Organization.


The dissolution of the organization shall require decision on two-thirds of votes at the Executives Council meeting.


This constitution of the organization shall be duly promulgated on this 5th April 2015


1, Discipline and respect are to be ensured between all members by the executive.
2. Lateness of members to a meeting attracts a penalty which it have to be paid to the organization.
3.Un-necessary conversation and misconduct among the members would be sack from the organization with that particular mission.
4. Un-necessary criticism and insinuation are not allowed in the office and meeting grounds.
5.Contribution suggestion and solution of a topic of discussion are welcome from all members of the organization.
6. Amendment shall be made and approved by the executive members when the need arises.
7. No political issues are allowed in the office and on meeting grounds.
8. Any groundwork is to be done by all members of the organization.
9. Any members of this organization should not use the name or any item to seek funds or to run a business on its own.
10. All the member should be present and support during ongoing project and donations.
11. Any member who found sealing properties which belong to the organization will be sack.
12. No alcoholic drink is permitted during meeting and ongoing project.


Elected officers may hold office for a two (2) year term.
Both the executives and staff shall swear an oath that he/ she will serve respect and abide and defend the constitution of this organization at all time.
A board of directors may not appoint anyone to act on his/her behalf at meetings.

(Statuto elaborato dal Managing Director di Ofie Support Unit,  Ransford Ofusu Okai - 2014)